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Every point in the CES letter has been refuted either by FAIR or other apologetics, by the General Authorities, or by the scriptures - it has no credibility. I'm sorry to see yet another member lose their testimony because of it.

bikemax: ever seen this?

Not a single Egyptologist outside the church thinks the Book of Abraham is valid, and there’s a large group in the church that admits it is a mistranslation.

Also there is no genetic or archeological evidence for the Book of Mormon (literally you can’t find any) unlike the Bible.

The Book of Mormon quotes passages from Isaiah written after Lehi supposedly left Jerusalem, and is filled with anachronisms and other errors (I’m talking factual errors, not grammatical or minor errors).

I don’t know if you’re endowed but the Endowment is not only strange and creepy, but it is nearly a complete rip off of the Master Mason ceremony (oh and don’t try the “Masons come from Solomon’s temple because they didn’t”).

DC says the earth is 6,000 years old which is not true at all, and apparently no death existed before the fall of Adam (according to the Book of Mormon) when fossil records clearly disprove that. There are a lot of other science issues with the church.

On top of that the Church is hardly Christlike with it’s money.

Oh and then there is the ever changing LDS church doctrine even though it claims to have “eternal truths that don’t change”.

Am I missing anything guys?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the LDS church. I think it can really help people become good people, I just think people should know a lot more about it before joining. I also think a lot of the CES letter is questionable, even if it’s interesting. I really only think some parts of it are true (I never bought into the Book of the Hebrews thing or attacks on Joseph Smith’s character, even if he did marry some underage girls and practice polygamy in secret for a time). Oh and what made me lose my testimony? Science, philosophy, and seeing how other religions also have “spiritual experiences” that verify it. So I respect it, but I don’t believe it. Don’t feel sad for me, because I am happy - even if you don’t think I truly am.

I know this is random for this blog, however, this response is way on point.
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Sun dance

The oldest house in Santa Fe, and it just might be haunted. The Santa Fe loop was the original alignment of Route 66.

Adobe bell tower for the San Miguel Chapel in Santa Fe. The Santa Fe loop was the original alignment of Route 66.

Adobe building, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, New Mexico

New Mexico Lightning by Mitch’s Corner on Flickr.


Photos from May 23, 2014 LP Supercells near Carlsbad, NM.


365/2: 045 sunset. on Flickr.
Great one tonight. 360 degrees - all the way around the sky.

I just got back from a hike and I cannot get over how gorgeous New Mexico is…
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